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Oct 26 2010

David Chang’s midtown French-Vietnamese spot is good but it doesn’t really match up to his East Village spots. Needless to say, it definitely has the Chang “thang”- bold flavors with great mixtures. The resto has a stripped down feel with high ceilings and no windows.

I was excited to try a lot of things on the menu because I’m definitely a fan of Chang! The food was delicious, creative, and full of flavor. Most dishes had a nice crunch to it that really rounded things out.


Summer pork rolls: also comes with shrimp, chicken and tofu. The pork rolls seem to be the replacement for pork buns. It was really good!

Seafood stew: This was my fave! It included a variety of shell fish (mussells, crab) in a mind-blowing sauce.

Pork ribs with thai basil and lemongrass caramel: the stack of ribs were delicious. The meat was so tender it fell right off the bone. I was tempted to break off a piece of bread to dip it in the lemongrass caramel sauce. We couldn’t get enough.

Scallops with endive: The scallops were cooked to perfection but I didn’t love the sauce.

Trout with sunchoke, cashew and fish sauce: This was a lovely dish…and the roasted cauliflower made it even better.

Steak frites: The steak was a bit fatty (the waitress warned us) and the fries were pretty unique. The rice fries tasted like popcorn. I didn’t really love this dish. There are much better things to try on the menu.

SIP: Seven spice sour cocktail- togarashi infused sake with yuzu, lime and simple syrup. The cocktail started off sweet and ended with a spicy kick. This cocktail was simply irresistible. We kept ordering rounds.

THE SWEET SPOT:  You can grab a lil’ something on your way out at the upstairs branch of Milk Bar (right off the lobby).

Ma Peche- 15 West 56th St (in the Chambers Hotel) / 212-757-5878



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