Adventures of the Glam Foodie: Lotus of Siam

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Nov 23 2010

So everything that happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas! This Vegas Thai resto migrated to NYC a few weeks ago.

Everything we had was very good- some more memorable than others. The bold flavors, spicy kicks, textures, high quality ingredients, and combinations really got us excited . The broad menu offers regional and inventive dishes.


Tom Yum Koong: Spicy sour soup with prawns, lime, lemongrass and cilantro. A wonderful way to start the meal- a warm, flavorful bowl of yumminess!

Nam Kao Tod Crispy Rice: Crispy rice tossed with thai sausage, fresh chili, ginger, peanuts and lime. It was very spicy, and we loved every crunch! We liked it so much we placed a second order.

Koong Sarong: Crispy fried marinated shrimp wrapped with bacon in a spring roll. Cooked to perfection, and the sweet+sour sauce was the cherry on top.

Kao Pao Kra-Pao: Stir fried rice with fresh chili, garlic, thai basil and chicken. Tasty but pretty standard.

Scallop Krathiam Prik Thai: Sea scallops with a garlic cilantro and black pepper sauce. This was a delicious dish, and the sauce had layers of great flavor and spice.

Rice Container

Soft Shell Crab Drunken Noodle: Crispy soft shell crab served on stir fried flat rice noodles with a spicy Thai basil sauce. I loved the textural contrast of the crispy crab and soft noodles.

Crisy Duck: Penang served with a Penang curry sauce and cognac Pad Kra-Pao with spicy thai basil sauce. Cooked with a creative flare, you’ll love the delicious mix of duck and curry.

SIP: Extensive wine list [for a Thai restaurant]

Lotus of Siam, 24 Fifth Avenue (@ Ninth Street); (212) 529-1700



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