Adventures of The Glam Foodie: Mas (Farmhouse)

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Dec 16 2010

Mas, Mas, Mas…. for those of you who don’t speak Spanish that translates to more, more, more!

That’s how I felt last Friday when I went to Mas (Farmhouse). I couldn’t get enough of the great food, service, and warm ambiance. This locavore resto updates the French menu daily based on organic, in-season, fresh, farm-raised ingredients. The food is exceptional- each course thoughtfully prepared and well executed.


Compliments of the Chef, we started with Pork Rillette on a Mini Biscuit: The pork was succulent and had a sweet taste. It was a perfect bite to cleanse my palate.

From there, we moved on to Caviar: Paddlefish and Hackleback-The smooth and silky eggs melted in my mouth. We liked it so much that ordered another ounce of each.

Squash Spaghetti with Shrimp: The textures and flavors were in total sync. The squash spaghetti had a light crisp to it, and the shrimp was seasoned well.

Cornish Hen with Truffles, Mushrooms, and Cauliflower: Truffles add a wonderful essence to many dishes and it was certainly the case here. The accompaniments blended nicely with the tender and juicy cornish hen.

Poached Maine Lobster with Ricotta Spatzle: The lobster was a hit but I wasn’t a fan of the ricotta spatzle. The consistency was off.

Whole Roasted Trout Stuffed with Swiss Chard & Orange: A pleasurable dish. The fish was cooked perfectly.

Monkfish Wrapped in Mustard Greens with Mushrooms: This meaty dish had great balance.

THE SWEET SPOT: Both desserts hit the spot!

Hazel-Milk Chocolate Mousse over Coca Streusel

Apple Crumb Tart with Toasted Oats and Pecans

THE SIP: Domaine De Terrebrune 2005

Mas (Farmhouse)- 39 Downing / 212-255-1790



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