Beauty & Essex- Oh, You Fancy, Huh!

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Jan 02 2011

Walls done, food done, everything did! (A la Drake)

It was a night with a bevy of beauties- we all came together to celebrate our girl, Jen Yu’s Bday! We dubbed the night the NEW- New Year’s Eve-12/30/10…partied till 6a!

The Stanton Social crew brings us a swank LES resto with multiple dining rooms, bar, lounge, and a highly curated pawn shop. The name is Beauty & Essex- and oh, what a beauty it is.

As I walked through the pawn shop into the main area, I was taken by the sleek, glitzy, and posh “Downtown meets Madison ave” temple of glam. I could live in this place! The bi-level space houses gorgeous wall treatments, stunning chandeliers, elegant light fixtures, and jeweled goodies.

The 2nd floor had a glam-rock vibe. The Pearl Lounge was magnificent- pearls draped across the ceiling creating a plunging chandelier.

Vintage perfume bottles, a champagne mini bar, and stylish mirrors adorned the whimsical bathroom.

The first rate menu features small plates with global influences. I was impressed with the myriad of choices and unique pairings.


Tomato Tartare: Sunny side up quail egg, parmesan crostini. This bite-sized treat had superbly balanced flavors. We went back for seconds!

Lobster Tacos: Crispy, fresh, and delicious!

General Tso’s Monkfish- We murdered it. The finger-licking monkfish had a spicy kick.

Short Rib Tamales: It was 2 part tamale and 1 part short rib. I would have liked a bit more meat.

Burger: Juicy and flavorful.

Pizza with goat cheese, tomato, olives: Scrumptious!

Chicken Meatballs with ricotta, wild mushroom in a truffle sauce- Rich, tender, and savory.

Lobster Bisque Dumplings-  There was a burst of tasty goodness! The bisque streamed through the dumpling with the first bite.

Chestnut & Ricotta Ravioli: Butternut squash glace, pecorino, crispy serrano-  A nice balance of subtle sweetness and savory.

THE SWEET SPOT: The desserts were impressive!

Butterscotch Pot de Creme: Thick butterscotch pudding topped with whipped cream and chocolate along side cookie-like spoons.

Box of Donuts featuring 4 flavors.

SIP:  We had incredible cocktails, champagne, and shots.

Bright Boy Martini: Don Julio silver habanero infused tequila, house-made pomegranate, grenadine, cilantro, lime.

Emerald Gimlet: Ketel, basil, lemon nectar, fresh lime juice.

CHAT: S/O to my girl Nicole for the dope shots….. and Roblé-Bleezie The Chef for the Chef Chris Santos intro….Thanks for the bubbly! Bravo on your fabulous new spot, Chris!

The Twins (The Glam Foodie on the left) and Chef Chris Santos

Beauty & Essex- 146 Essex St / 212-614-0146



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  1. Chabadcha February 3, 2011

    Curious how you STAY so slim, trim and fly with the decadent dining you do. Would love to know what your work out routine is. Or are you going to make me sick and tell me that you do nothing to stay fabulous :-) ?

    • The Glam Foodie February 3, 2011

      Awwww, Thx! Great question! LOL
      I don’t really like to work out but I do a little pilates. And it’s all about moderation when it comes to dining out so often.

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