Monthly Archives: January 2011

Jan 10 2011

Corsino has a great atmosphere- it’s rustic and lively. I love having an option like this amongst the other MEPA restos. Sometimes you just want to grab a bite at a low-key neighborhood spot that has a cool vibe- and Corsino fits the bill!

The tasty Italian tapas and large plates are fantastic!


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Jan 09 2011

I hooked up with Teyana to get the Foodie 411 on her Sip, Chat, Chow! She’s a cool chick with lots going on- movies, modeling, music and more! Look for her in Tyler Perry’s  ”Madea’s Big Happy Family” in April.

Check out Teyana’s Sip, Chat, Chow:

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Jan 07 2011

I chatted with my friend Brandon Jennings the day it was announced he’d be participating in the Slam Dunk Contest. He was super excited and said  ”I’m the hometown kid, shortest guy, the underdog….so I’m just going out there to make dunks, and try to win.”

With that said, I think we’re all in for a treat!

Since there’s so much talk about NBA ASW in LA, I wanted to know about Brandon’s LA Sip, Chat, Chow flow.

Check Out BJ’s LA  Sip, Chat, Chow:

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Jan 06 2011

The dimly lit resto has a divey, cavernous feel- very different from a traditional Japanese restaurant.

It’s one part dive, one part resto, and one part lounge with a DJ (on the weekends). I love spots with unique vibes that are unexpected. Oh, and did I forget to mention that this hipster hangout is open till 2am!

Ryoko has delicious and fresh sushi with a good variety of options. If you’re feeling daring, you can try the volcano roll- it has peanut butter in it. :/


Yellowtail Scallion Roll, Crunchy Crab Roll, Alaska A, Spicy Tuna, Sashimi, Sushi

SIP: Sake

CHAT: I’ll definitely go back the next time I’m in San Fran! I love the fact that it’s a late night spot….so instead of noshing on pizza or fries after a night out- you can stop in for a spicy tuna roll!

Ryoko- 619 Taylor St / 415-775-1028

Jan 06 2011

It’s hard to score a table at the casual, bustling neighborhood Thai resto. As we checked in for our table, a group of 4 walked in and asked how long the wait was….the hostess replied “2 hours”. Wow!!!

Kin Shop has a very laid back feel but there’s definitely an energy in the room.

The chef and owner, Harold Dieterle – winner of the 1st season of Bravo’s Top Chef delivers an inventive Thai menu. We were excited to try so many dishes. Food is served family style so we shared everything. Some of the dishes were missing the robust flavor and spice I’m accustomed to in Thai cooking.


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