Dinner With Chef Marcus Samuelsson: His Sip, Chat, Chow….

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Feb 04 2011

Marcus Samuelsson is  an award-winning chef (one of MY FAVES), cookbook author, food activist, and winner of Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters”! He’s known for his bold flavors and global influences- particularly from Africa and Sweden. His food is inventive, classy, well-executed and flavorful.

                     PHOTO BY: PAUL BRISSMAN

Red Rooster [in Harlem] is Marcus’ latest venture, and here it’s all about cooking from the SOUL- featuring a menu of New American comfort food classics. I was there a few weeks ago and enjoyed every bite! Red Rooster is a wonderful addition to Harlem!

Check out Marcus’ Sip, Chat, Chow:

Tricia: What’s your favorite Sip- restaurant that has a great wine and/or cocktail menu?

Marcus: Lani Kai. I’ve been really into bourbon lately, so something like The Black Pearl hits the spot for me.

Tricia: What’s your favorite Chat- go-to restaurant when dining with friends and/or family?

Marcus: Momo in London is fun! I love the lamb skewers over couscous.

Tricia: What’s your favorite Chow- restaurant for dinner?

Marcus: Odeon tells Tribeca’s story. Something as simple as Steak Frites is delicious yet inclusive. Also, it’s shareable.

Tricia: What’s your favorite Crave- restaurant that satisfies your current craving?

Marcus: Lenox Lounge. It has a certain mystique to it, and you can get a great drink and listen to live jazz, my current craving.

Tricia: What’s your favorite late-night Chow- restaurant for after hours noshing?

Marcus: I like what Paul Kahn and Donna Madia are doing at Publican in Chicago. I trust the kitchen, so I like to try something different any time I’m there.

Tricia: What are your favorite dishes on Red Rooster’s menu?

Marcus: I love the Chicken & Egg, inspired by Ethiopian dor wat, The Blackened Catfish for its simplicity, and The Chocolate Peanut Tart.

Tricia: Who would you like to go to dinner with- dead or alive?

Marcus: I would love to chat with Diego Maradona, such a fascinating soccer player yet a really bad coach- such a contradiction. Nelson Mandela would come too, and we’d all discuss soccer.

Tricia: What’s your favorite junk food?

Marcus: I love a really great burger, which isn’t really junk food if you use quality ingredients.

CHAT: Thanks, Marcus! I’ll see you soon- probably at Red Rooster!

                      PHOTO BY: PAUL BRISSMAN

Lani Kai- 525 Broome St / 646-596-8778

Momo- 25, Heddon St,  Soho, London W1B4BH / +44 207 434 4040

Odeon- 145 W Broadway / 212-233-0507

Lenox Lounge- 288 Lenox Avenue / 212-427-0253

Publican- 837 W Fulton Market, Chicago / 312-733-9555

Red Rooster- 310 Lenox Ave / 212-792-9001

Check out my review on Red Rooster.



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