Dinner With Future Hall of Famer Jason Kidd: His Sip, Chat, Chow….

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Mar 07 2011

I had dinner with my long time friend Jason Kidd last week, and it was lots of fun- as usual. The King of The Triple Double- 107 all time, 3rd behind Oscar Robinson and Magic Johnson isn’t missing a beat. The 17 year NBA veteran still has a lot of gas left in the tank leading the Dallas Mavericks to one of the best records in the West.

When it comes to food, Jason is a risk taker and open to trying new things. Historically, he always wants to finish first and the same holds true when it comes to a great meal.

Check out Jason’s Sip, Chat, Chow:

Tricia: What’s your favorite SIP- restaurant that has a great wine and/or cocktail menu?

Jason: The Lounge in the Mandarin Oriental. I love the view and the atmosphere.


Tricia: What’s your favorite CHAT- go-to restaurant when dining with friends/family?

Jason: Il Mulino in NYC. They usually make something special for me. I love seafood so the Sea Bass and Pasta with Shrimp are my favorites. I always leave there with the taste of garlic, and it sticks with me for a day or two. LOL


Tricia: What’s your CHOW CRAVE- restaurant that satisfies your current craving?

Jason: Blowfish in San Francisco. The sushi is fresh and rolls are creative.


Tricia: Who would you like to have dinner with- dead or alive?

Jason: John F. Kennedy. I remember playing golf with President Clinton, and the feeling I had from that experience was tremendous. I couldn’t imagine actually sitting down for dinner with JFK (BTW- we have the same initials).


Tricia: What’s your favorite junk food/candy?

Jason: 3 Musketeers


Tricia: What’s your favorite pre-game meal?

Jason: Grilled Cheese Sandwich, a Bowl of Chicken Noodle or Tomato  Soup and 2 Sprites.


CHAT: Thanks, Jason!


Mandarin Oriental- 80 Columbus Circle, NYC / 212-805-8800

Il Mulino- 86 West 3rd St, NYC / 212-673-3783

Blowfish- 2170 Bryant St, San Francisco / 415-285-3848





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