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Apr 30 2011

I caught up with recording artist and Broadway star CHESTER GREGORY last week, and discovered that he’s quite the foodie. He’s currently starring in Whoopi Goldberg’s production of Sister Act as Officer Eddie Southers.

Chester recently wrapped up the National Tour of “Dreamgirls” the musical, where he received rave reviews for his portrayal of “James ‘Thunder’ Early”. The role won him a “Best Actor” award from Broadway World and a “Best Actors This Year” mention in the NY Post. He’s currently in the studio working on his sophomore release, writing with Dot Da Genius. This will be the highly anticipated follow up to his debut album entitled- “In Search of High Love”, which earned praise by Billboard Magazine as “An album of integrity and soul”.

Check out Chester’s Sip, Chat, Chow:

Tricia: What’s your favorite Sip- restaurant that has a great wine and/or cocktail menu?

Chester: A great place in NYC is actually called “SIP”.  It’s on the Upper West Side. It’s a small place with a late night menu & great food. They always play good music & best of all, they support Indy music. I’ve heard my favorite mainstream and underground artists, and even heard my own music played.

Tricia: What’s your favorite Chat- go-to restaurant when dining with friends and/or family?

Chester: Uptown Kitchenette has a great brunch and I often eat there with friends and family. I usually have the Gingerbread Pancakes with Turkey Sausage.

Tricia: What’s your favorite Chow- restaurant for dinner?

Chester: My new favorite place for dinner is a Mexican restaurant called Toloache. I usually order the Tacos with Shrimp & Hearts of Palm. Good food, puts me in a good mood and I feel great every time I’m there.

Tricia: What’s your Chow Crave- restaurant that satisfies your current craving?

Chester: Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery has an Artichoke pizza that will satisfy ANY craving. They are also open late, so it’s the perfect place to hit up after a show or recording session.

Tricia: Who would you like to go to dinner with – dead or alive?

Chester: Halle Berry! She saw me perform at The World Famous Apollo Theatre in Dreamgirls as Jimmy Early. She made sure to come back stage and meet the cast. We talked for a bit and I wanted to ask her to dinner but I was too nervous.  One day though…. this will happen. I’m speaking it into existence!


Tricia: What’s your favorite junk food/candy?

Chester: Two places. Through Whoopi Goldberg, I’ve discovered a GREAT bakery called LULU, they have Red Velvet Twinkies, with cream cheese icing and a layer of white chocolate on the outside. It’s CRAZY! I get mad every time I eat one because I know I just canceled out a workout! Haha! The second place I love is Ruby et Violette. They have the best cookies in the universe, their chocolate chip cookie is simply called “Perfect” and they ain’t lyin’!


Tricia: What’s your usual pre-performance meal (before you hit the stage)?

Chester: Lately, I’ve been hitting up SoupMan before the show, his soups are hearty but not too heavy. A perfect meal before a show.

CHAT: Thanks, Chester!


Sip- 998 Amsterdam Avenue # 2 / 212-316-2747

Kitchenette- 1272 Amsterdam Avenue /212-531-7600

Toloache-  251 West 50th St / 212-581-1818

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery- 328 East 14th Street / 212-228-2004

Lulu Cake Boutique- 112 8th Avenue / 212-242-5858

Ruby et Violette- 457 West 50th Street / 718-728-6250

Soupman- 4 East 42nd St / 212-599-5900



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