Bouley’s Brushstroke Is A Masterpiece

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May 07 2011

I was excited to check out David Bouley’s new seasonal Kyoto-style Japanese resto housed in the old Danube space. Dinner at Brushstroke was amazing- Chef Yamada definitely delivers! Creativity was in full effect- it was present in the food, cocktails and decor. The bar/lounge area houses a sick wall design- it’s made of 20,000 books! The clean lines and raw materials created an upscale zen-like atmosphere.

Brushstroke offers a 6 course tasting for $85 and a 10 course for $135 (both menus will change often)- we opted for the 10 course. Every course was on point, and some dishes were pretty terrific. The ingredients, execution, presentation and service were flawless. It was authentic with serious attention to detail, and a meticulous flow from course to course. Everything was well orchestrated, from the rotation of china to the actual distribution of dishes.


Scallops with Crab- Great flavor.

Rockfish with Clam Broth, Dumpling, Broccoli Rabe and Asparagus- A brilliant combination of textures and ingredients.

Sashimi- Toro, Fluke, Yellowtail with 2 dipping sauces.

Egg Custard with Sea Urchin- Interestingly delicious!

Jumbo Oyster- The peppers gave it a refreshing taste.

Lobster Tail with Yuzu Miso- A palate pleaser.

Green Tea Marinated Seared Duck with Asparagus Tempura- Well seasoned with a wonderful smoky flavor.

Seared Wagyu Beef with Sesame Sauce- Tender and tasty.

Dungeness Crab Steamed with Rice Prepared in a Rustic Do-nabe Pot- The blend of crab, salmon roe and rice made for a delectable dish.


Sake and a Ginger cocktail with home-made ginger ale with hakutake shiro rice shochu and lime.


Lychee Nut Sake Sorbet over Tangerine with Jelly Sauce and Powdered Honey- It was light and yummy.

Soy Panna Cotta over Red Bean Sauce- Delicate and subtle flavors.

Chocolate Red Bean Cake over Ginger Syrup- There was a nice kick to it.

Baked Rice Paper with Pine nuts, Matcha and Red Bean Powder.


Brushstroke- 30 Hudson Street / 212-212-791-3771



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