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Dec 15 2011

Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson and Penélope Cruz are just a few ladies who have adorned red carpets and concrete catwalks with the esquisite designs of Rachel Roy. Rachel’s style, charm and drive are infectious! She’s more than a pretty face with gorgeous designs, her charity work has impacted the lives of many and she continues to give back. And it doesn’t end here, Rachel is raising her 2 amazing daughters that will undoubtedly run the world, just like mom!

I was so excited about getting Rachel’s Sip, Chat, Chow because I knew there would be spots on her list that transcended food, and would have a focus on the entire experience, especially the aesthetic. As you’ll see from the below, Rachel is going back to her ABC’s.

Check out Rachel Roy’s Sip, Chat, Chow:

Tricia: What’s your favorite SIP- restaurant or lounge that has a great wine and/or cocktail menu?

Rachel: The Four Seasons resturant has an amazing wine menu. True knowledge and appreciation for wine must be had if attempting a selection, so I love to go with someone that knows what they are doing.

Also, I LOVE the outdoor courtyard at the Greenwich Hotel – it is my fave spot to sit outside – even in the winter under the heating lamps. I designed my outdoor space to mimic the feel.

Tricia: What’s your favorite CHAT- go-to restaurant when dining with friends and/or family during the holidays?

Rachel:  ABC Kitchen. (I’m in total agreement. ABC Kitchen is fab and one of my faves!)

Tricia: What’s your favorite CHOW- restaurant for dinner?

Rachel: ABC Kitchen- the Crab Toast is divine!

Tricia: What’s your current Chow Crave?

Rachel: ABC Kitchen again - I could do lunch and dinner there and never get tired of the food. So clean- so beautifully presented, and I love the atmosphere.

Tricia: What’s your favorite restaurant for a fun “Girl’s Night Out”?

Rachel: ABC Kitchen- sorry, I just can’t get past ABC :) ! And I usually have the Basil Martini!

Tricia: Who would you like to go to dinner with- dead or alive?

Rachel: My daughters- Tallulah and Ava. Also, Deepak and Paul Newman, at any age.

Tricia: What’s your favorite junk food/candy?

Rachel: Sour Patch Kids and light green Tic Tacs.


Four Seasons- 57 East 57th Street / 212- 758-5700  

Greenwich Hotel-  377 Greenwich Street / 212-941-8900

ABC Kitchen- 35 East 18th Street / 212-475-5829




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