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Jan 02 2012

R&B sensation and Grammy-nominated recording artist Melanie Fiona has many passions. I’m sure we can all guess what the top one is….yes, music! But did you know that she also has a passion for great food?

Her  new album “The MF Life” will be released on February 7th, and I’m sure she’ll have a grand Sip, Chat, Chow night out to celebrate!

Check out Melanie Fiona’s Sip, Chat, Chow:

Tricia: What’s your favorite SIP- restaurant or lounge that has a great wine and/or cocktail menu?

Melanie: I love this place in Toronto called “7 West”, open 24/7. The food is great and the vibe is super chill. It’s an old annex style house that they turned into a restaurant, with 3 different floors. The music is always on point, and is the perfect after party spot. 

Tricia: What’s your favorite CHOW- restaurant for dinner?

Melanie: Via Veneto in Santa Monica. Traditional Italian, and the decor looks like somewhere straight out of Italy- with candlelit ambiance and an eclectic mix of music. I always get the artichoke salad and pumpkin ravioli, and finish off with Mama’s Panna Cotta.  The BEST! 

Tricia: What’s your current Chow Crave?

Melanie: Recently I’ve been on the road a lot! So my current craving is quickly being fixed by Chipotle. Their burrito bowl, extra spicy, puts a kick in my day!

Tricia: What’s your favorite restaurant for a fun “Girl’s Night Out”?

Melanie: I love going to Zaytoons in Brooklyn, NY.  A BYOB restaurant that serves delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, with a hookah lounge in the back. I’ve spent many nights there laughing and crying it up with the girls. Therapeutic.

Tricia: Who would you like to go to dinner with- dead or alive?

Melanie: Bob Marley. We have the Caribbean connection! Our time together would surely result in great food, great music and great vibes.

Tricia: What’s your favorite junk food/candy?

Melanie: Lay’s Salt & Vinegar chips and NERDS!!!!!

7 West- 7 Charles St W, Toronto, Canada / 416-928-9041

Via Veneto- 3009 Main St, Santa Monica, CA / 310-399-1843

Zaytoons- 594 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn / 718- 230-3200



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